The manufacture of profiles through pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process of structural Reinforced Plastic Fiberglass. In it, the glass fibers are strategically placed and driven through a liquid resin, which coats and saturates the fibers. The combination glass resin is continuously guided and pulled (pultruded) through a mold temperature that determines the shape of the profiles. In the matrix, the resin is cured to permanently reinforced molded piece, which can be cut to specific lengths. The pultrusion process to obtain products with a high level of strength, stability, Dimensional stability and weight, together with non-thermal and electrical conductivity. Durable forms profiles provide years of service without maintenance in areas where traditionally specified components of steel, aluminum, wood or hand made ​​crafts profiles. Today pultruded profiles are successfully used in highly corrosive applications where old-mind required stainless steel or other high cost components.



• Resistent to corrosion.

• Resistent to high mechanics.

• Resistent to fire.

• Not conductores (dielectric).

• Non-slip surface.

• Resistent to impacts.

• Light 1/3 steel.

• Low thermal conducting.

• Easy to install.



• Overhangs and light structures.

• Marina platform structures.

• Walkways.

• Coverings.

• developments enclosures.

• Sheet piles in marine environments.

• Grilles / Doors.

• Bridges and footbridges.

• Cornices.


Our range of types of section profiles, colors, surface finishes and adapts to customer requirements, especially architects with whom we collaborate in the design phase, offering the services of calculation and optimization.