Advance Composite Fibers supplies a whole range of basic products for customers specialised in compund materials, from carbon fiber to glass fiber in "continuos rovings" designed for specific pultrusion processes up to fabrics with completely optimized for the customers use (Unidirectional, Biaxial, Multiaxial) capable of withstanding high mechanical and functional needs.

OPTIMIZATION of the cost of use of carbon and glass fibers. ACF not only offers a broad range of products, but also, as it has a highly qualified engineering team, it also advises in the optimization of design with polymers giving our customers a final product which satisfies all of their needs in the engineering and design perspective.



Advance Composite Fibers fibers posesses teams of pultrusion and experience in the design and manufacture of glass and carbon profiles which enable us to offer our clients optimal structural solutions in building and infrastructuring of transports.

From reinforcement bars for concrete up to profiles in different colours, dimensions and configurations which best fits our client's need. Our products are also specially designed to be able to resist agressive environments without risk of corrosion. Profiles for platforms and stairs of water treatment plants and chemical instalations are also part of our range of products.