The experience and high qualification of the team of ACF allows us to offer a comprehensive service for design and engineering with lightweight materials and polymer composites with glass and carbon fibers.

Our engineers have designed and built the largest structures in the world in carbon fiber and fiberglass beams getting run highway bridges with a weight of 100 Kg / ml.

ACF engineers offer earthquake reinforcements for buildings and bridges with full optimization of the material, increasing less than 2% the weight of the existing structure. The renovation of buildings and transportation structures, or adaptation to new demands of certain countries to new seismic standards require reinforcing elements, creating significant interference to traffic and inconvenience to users of the buildings. The solutions offered by ACF decrease by 60% the execution times and do not require the use of large auxiliary means, which results in a decrease in the areas affected by works.

Architects increasingly require greater flexibility in the design, for which the technology of polymeric materials reinforced with fiberglass is a lightweight high-performance answer and easily moldable and adaptable to any original and creative design for this result.

Our teams not only design and calculation, but make and execute those projects where the client requests a solution.

ACF is involved in research and technological projects aimed at developing new products in reinforced polymers and process optimization. ACF advises numerous companies that want to increase their volume of business based on new technologies in materials and processes, advising on the design and development of new products and manufacturing processes. 

Our services involve:

• Precise identification of our customers' needs.

• Design and engineering specializing in polymer composites reinforced with fiberglass and carbon. Engineering reinforcements to reduce the vulnerability of buildings and infrastructure to earthquakes, floods and explosions caused by terrorist attacks or war.

• Design and consulting architects on the use of these materials in projects super-light single or architectural applications in buildings built common standards.

• Consulting business innovation in the areas of materials and processes, improving productivity and energy efficiency.